LMBT #18264

Andrew is a graduate of Forsyth Technical Community College, majoring in Therapeutic Massage but he developed his massage skills at a young age when his mother broke both her ankles. While she was healing, Andrew would massage her feet. When Andrew touched his mother's feet she instantly knew that he was naturally gifted at massage.
Andrew is currently going back to Forsyth Technical Community College to learn more advanced modalities massage.
Currently, Andrew practices Swedish massage, therapeutic massage, and sports massage. He also incorporates energy work (TCM and polarity therapy) into each session. Andrew is passionate about animals and has a strong connection to the mountains.



Andrew offers therapeutic massage, meaning a pressure that is neither deep nor soft, just what the body needs. Andrew is also Reiki 1 certified. Book today!

Ever Evolving

Therapeutic Massage


60 min - $100

90 min - $130

"Therapeutic touch for the blue collar worker struggling with low back and foot pain as well as stress."

Well Nest


935 A  East Mountain Street

Kernersville, NC 27284