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Joanna Flores,
LMBT NC#16136

Hi everyone! My name is Joanna Flores and I've been a massage therapist for 5 years now! Graduated from Southeastern Institute back in 2016 and have loved growing in my holistic practice! I am a mother of two great kids and just enjoy being of service to my community through massage! I believe that keeping your body aligned helps keep the mind feeling just as balanced in life! I specialize in Prenatal and high risk pregnancies, oncology, Thai massage and many other modalities! 

Back Massage

Customized Massage

30 Minutes...$40

60 Minutes... $70

90 Minutes... $100

Prenatal Portrait

Prenatal Massage

I am certified in High-Risk pregnancies!

60 Minutes... $70

90 Minutes... $100

Traditional Thai Massage

Thai Massage

60 Minutes... $85

120 Minutes... $200

Energy Healing


60 Minutes... $50

Joanna Flores, LMBT NC #16136

Appointments Available:



Every Other Sunday 9am-5pm


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