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For everyone who knows me you know that I love my work. Every day is different. I truly enjoy sharing massage therapy as a way to heal the physical body and the emotional body through the element of touch. In my spare time I enjoy learning new things, hiking, hanging out with my kids and my dog, Cooper. I also love to travel and I love to hear other peoples stories of the places they have been. Life is a journey and may we never cease to explore and push ourselves into uncharted waters.


Brenda Seabolt-Grasjo

LMBT NC#15700



My name is Brenda Seabolt-Grasjo, LMBT NC #15700. I have recently moved back to the United States after living abroad for two years. I am very excited to be back and share what I have learned in those years. It wasn't until 2005 that I began to ask myself,"Why am I here, what is my purpose in life?". Thus began my journey of overcoming my fear and "seeing" again. I started with a meditation class and when I would meditate my hands would begin to tingle and burn. So I asked, "What am I to do with my hands?" I began to explore different healing modalities and became certified as a Reiki Master and enjoy using this gentle and effective energetic frequency. When I first heard of Reconnective Healing I felt a great sense of urgency, this was something that I had to do. I believe that this frequency of energy is somewhat new to earth and it is very powerful. I believe The Reconnection puts us on the fast track of our souls evolutionary process. Then again in 2015 when I was faced with life changing events I was led to Massage Therapy. This can be hard work but very rewarding when we are faced with all aspects of ourselves and we are able to see it as it truly is and heal on a deeper level. It is up to each of us to heal ourselves, I believe that energy healing is simply a tool we can use to make the process quicker and easier. The physical aspect of massage therapy is for the body and the energy aspect is for the spirit/soul. The hard work is still in each one of our hands to do as quickly or slowly as we see fit. I indeed feel it is an honor to be a part of each of my clients lives and I get really excited when people show up for themselves to seek to know themselves and heal on the deepest levels, both physical and soul.


Bowen is a subtle and precise mobilization over muscles, tendons, nerves, fascia. The moves are performed using very gentle pressure with frequent pauses. Bowen therapy helps with:


Plantar Fasciitis

Chronic Pain Syndrome

Kidney Function


Neck/Shoulder Tension and Pain


Cost: $45/30 min.


We can customize each session based on your individual needs. Cupping may be used during your session if we are working on a particular issue. I can also incorporate energy work into your massage session, along with hot towels and oils. E-mail me to book your session.


Cost: $60/60 min | $90/90 min | $120/120 min


Choose Your Treatment:



Seasonal Allergy Relief


Energy Healing sessions consist of all forms of energy work that I have been attuned to and worked with in my time. I incorporate Reiki, Reconnective healing as well and Angelic assistance. I am available for 1 hour sessions as well as a 30 minute tune up session.


Cost: $60/hr  |  $30/30 min.



Brenda Seabolt-Grasjo, LMBT NC#15700


Phone: 336-554-4964




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