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Hayley's strong yet gentle hands intuitively find trigger points and adhesions in muscular tissue. Her nurturing spirit allows clients to feel relaxed and comfortable on the table. Clients report feeling refreshed physically and emotionally following treatment. You can expect Hayley to incorporate hot towels, stretching, cupping, and aromatherapy into your treatment,

underscored by gentle music and ocean waves.


Meet Hayley

LMBT NC #15363

Hayley has been helping clients through massage therapy for five years. She is a graduate of the Living Arts Institute in Winston Salem where she studied massage therapy.

"I almost always use a combination of therapeutic and relaxation techniques so my clients experience measurable progress physically, mentally, and emotionally following each session. My calling in life is to heal and nurture the world, one person at a time. I use touch to massage muscular tissue, yes, but to also offer comfort, support, and kindness."

- Hayley

When Hayley is not helping clients heal, she enjoys drinking iced coffee and spending time with her husband and their son, Rowan, as well as their two dogs, Zeus and Freya.

Appointments with Hayley are available

Monday - Saturday


  • Cupping


    Silicone cups are applied to the skin with suction creating negative pressure to release tight muscles. Blood is pulled to the surface replenishing nutrient starved tissue.

    Always complementary

  • Hot Towels


    Heat cold, stiff muscles and melt into the table. These steamed towels will soothe your back and feet, leaving you feeling refreshed.

    Always complementary

  • Aromatherapy


    Inhale aromatic plant essences and harmonize both body and mind. Choose which essential oil(s) will meet your individual needs.

    Always complementary

  • Therapeutic Massage

    Deep tissue interlaced with relaxation techniques allows clients to get the focus work they need while still finding a moment of peace. This is accomplished through the use of slow and calm gliding strokes with heavy pressure, alongside focused pressure and Trigger Point work.

    30 minutes | $45

    60 minutes | $60

    90 minutes | $90

  • Prenatal Massage

    Mother and baby are made comfortable in a side-lying position, bolstered by pillows and cushions to allow maximum relaxation. Massage during pregnancy is a healthy way to reduce stress and relieve back pain, as well as other typical discomforts experienced during pregnancy.

    60 minutes | $60

    90 minutes | $90

    120 minutes | $120

  • Deep Tissue Massage

    Focus lies on the deepest layer of muscles to target knots and release chronic muscle tension. Your therapist may use her forearms, elbows, or thumbs to create focused pressure. There may be some discomfort associated with this treatment but should not be painful.

    30 minutes | $45

    60 minutes | $60

    90 minutes | $90

A tranquil experience, through caring hands...



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Appointments available:

Monday - Saturday



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